Can't choose a door stone? These colors are great! Finally, there is a universal color matching formula.

While most people decide on a finish style before decorating, they have difficulty when it comes to final details. Take choice of door stones as an example, such stone can ruin overall beauty of decorative effect. It is also possible that stone can keep home elegant. Do you like these color schemes?

If you made a door stone, you should choose natural marble. We can say that black is a universal style. It can be paired with floor tiles in a variety of colors and with many decor styles, but black can also be split into many background colors, such as this gray tile. Black stone with an off-white texture is great for transitioning.

If all tiles are light in color, a gray stone can add a lot of points to effect. For a Scandinavian-style doorway stone, it is better to choose black.

Brown mesh is a relatively high-end coffee tone that can be divided into shades. For transition between flooring and tile, this light brown mesh is still very good.

If both sides are tiled in light antique tiles, then this gray stone transition would be a natural choice.

The choice of marble tile depends not only on transition of color, but also on whether it matches overall style or not, whether it fits or not. Some people like to use fantasy marble. If used correctly, it can also add points to effect of home decoration.

For example, a simple and beautiful style, such as Mediterranean style, not only can use this color to transition stone of doorway to ground, but even passage can be decorated with such tiles.

Looking at entrance stone and passage of this beautiful colored pebble, it is very surprising that it is in a Mediterranean home.

For darker tiles, you need to use darker transition steps. For example, black tiles are more suitable for coffee color.

Of course, doorway stone is not only a choice of stone tiles, but also can be made into this kind of mosaic parquet, which is elegant and high quality. If you have high requirements for home decor, floor or floor tiles can be used Useful.

Given that it's all about color matching, what if you really don't know how to do it? Let me teach you a universal trick, color of door stone should be same color as your baseboard, it will look good no matter what, give it a try!

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