The living room is paved with hexagonal bricks, this Nordic style is very interesting.

The new house is a small three-bedroom house with an area of ​​111 square meters. The original idea was to have wood flooring throughout house to make Scandinavian style feel fresher and cozier. I planted tile, but I didn't expect finished effect to be not only casual and fashionable, but also full of fun, making life more emotional!

From entrance, floor is paved with black, white, and gray hex bricks. Upper and lower shoe cabinets are installed and dining and living areas are open. You can unconsciously feel artistic atmosphere.

The connection between restaurant and entrance is very smooth. A simple dining table and chairs are clad in brick on back wall. The white texture makes simple restaurant feel warm and full of atmosphere.

A particularly Nordic temperament reigns in living room: a small round coffee table, a gray fabric sofa, no ceiling and only a few log lines on sofa wall - all this gives freshness and elegance to sophistication.

The TV wall is left empty and aisle wall is initially open, with a black bookcase purposely installed as a partition. The aisle at back is fairly transparent and the layout is done well.

The kitchen is relatively small, and installed L-shaped overall cabinet is enough for a small family.

The floor in bedroom is log, because it is better to feel sleeping place lighter. Log wall panels are installed to make entire bedroom feel more inviting and natural.

The second bedroom is very small, it only has a bed and a wardrobe, and desk does not fit. Whether it's wall murals, desktop photos, or bedding fabrics, it's all fresh plant and animal patterns that look fresh. .

The tatami mats installed in children's room, now that children are still small and do not live alone, turn into a playroom with enough storage space, and effect is not gaudy.

The bathroom is about same size as kitchen. There is also a washing machine here. A glass partition has been installed to separate dry and moist air. The wall is pasted over with white small brick, which is now very popular. the floor is non-slip and beautiful. Yes~

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The new house is a small three-bedroom house with an area of ​​111 square meters. The original idea was to have wood flooring throughout house to make Scandinavian style feel fresher and cozier. I planted tile, but I didn't expect...
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