Is it difficult to separate dry and wet in small bathrooms? Installing a shower curtain has many benefits.

Many people may choose a small apartment just because of their economic opportunities. The bathroom of this small apartment is also very small. Installing a glass partition to separate dry and humid air is very laborious, and even more so it is impossible to install a separate shower room. How to achieve separation of dry and humid air in a small bathroom? The shower curtain is easy to install, simple, practical and beautiful!

Actually, sometimes bathroom is small, and if you can install a glass partition, try not to install it well, if you install it, then usable area of ​​a small bathroom has limitations, and it is even smaller. By installing such a shower curtain , you can tuck it in when not in use, making it more open.

The shower curtain not only serves as an insulator, but also as a space decoration. When choosing a pattern, you can choose a pattern according to your style or preference.

The installation height of shower curtain can be adjusted according to your needs. It can be installed from top surface, and can also prevent water vapor from overflowing. It can reach height of head, leaving part of height beautiful and atmospheric.

The shower curtain is mounted upwards, and when it is closed, small bathroom looks much more spacious. Of course, if tiles are chosen in right color, the space will look much better.

If slope of ground is sufficient, you can install a water retaining edge or not install a water retaining edge and water will not flood door.

There are straight and curved shower rails. If curved ones are carefully installed, then they are no different from shower room. Compared to shower room, space looks more transparent.

At present, many people like to build partitions in bathroom. With a unique style shower curtain, bathroom looks more beautiful. The key point is that you can replace curtain with a new one if you get tired of it. The price of changing shower room is still too high.

Installing a shower curtain is no different than installing a shower or glass screen. You don't need to choose a space or a wall, a wall, etc. You only need a curtain rod, hang a beautiful shower curtain. and you are done.

The shower curtain is same as shower curtain. If bathroom has storage space, this can be done accordingly, saving limited space of wall or glass surface.

Shower curtains are best suited for bathrooms with a bathtub, but have you ever seen a bathtub with a glass partition? Installing a shower curtain can turn off water curtain without affecting your comfortable bathing experience, which is really helpful!

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