Visiting my aunt's new home, it's beautiful and generous, I don't know what style it is for a long time!

Last month I returned to my hometown to visit relatives. I found out that my aunt had moved into a new house. Shortly after installation was completed, on a whim, I went to visit them. The trip was worth it. The new house is really well decorated. When you walk through door, you feel color match with furniture. Looks very comfortable. I just don't know what styling is. I took some photos for you to help me see. In the future, dressed up too!

The biggest feature of this house is probably that lighting is good. The sofa is actually a regular fabric sofa. The background wall is beautiful. It is covered with drywall and dark brown patterned wallpaper. I saw such a mosaic.

The living room has a large balcony and is equipped with gates and sliding doors in dark wood color. In fact, whole house is only over 80 square meters. The living room is actually relatively small, but it looks good visually.

Suspended ceiling is not a complex suspended ceiling of a special shape, but effect is not bad. Two layers of drywall are used and plaster lines are pasted, which is atmospheric.

The tables and chairs in restaurant are made in classical Chinese style, you have to push chairs with both hands, they are very heavy.

The finishes of kitchen look a little ordinary, but what's special is that countertops are made of stainless steel. My aunt said these countertops are durable and you don't have to worry about cracking or penetration. .

The master bedroom is decorated in same way as the living room, and also in dark colors. It may be a new Chinese style, but it doesn't look like it. It may be a simple European style, but it is not.

This is my little cousin's room, which is different from other rooms. The furniture is all solid wood, not even colored. The little aunt cherishes her children, and this is probably for sake of protecting environment.

The bathroom is separated from wet and dry area and a separate shower room is installed. The house is quite small. The size of washbasin is well connected with the shower room and there is no wasted space. What is this style, it is really suitable for life~

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