Decoration is not only a complete package and search for water cat cleaning supplies, if you can follow it, a half package is also reliable.

At present, many people either hire labor and finishing materials, save worry and hassle without buying any materials themselves, or do it yourself, directly find cleaning water cats team, and buy all materials themselves. In fact, I don't know that semi-packaging is an intermediate choice. Profit from auxiliary materials is not very high. They can be purchased by finishing companies to ensure quality and after-sales service. basic materials by yourself. Take a look at this 113㎡ log style semi-package renovation, it looks better with furniture, is this your favorite type?

The upper and lower shoe racks are built into hallway, and bottom one is left empty, with lights on it looks very nice. The entrance hall and living room are a combined space, an interesting bay window design, it is made in form of a tatami, bottom is a place to store things, and top is a couch for relaxation.

The background wall of sofa in living room is a half wall, and back can also be used as a bar counter. The gray fabric sofa has always been a classic of Scandinavian and log style, even a simple style can show fashion and class.

The TV wall is built in, and side cabinets and TV cabinets are built in, making it look neater. Looking at the entire living room from this angle, it is still very fresh and elegant.

Behind sofa wall in living room, dining area is separated by a bar counter, space is small, but overall it looks quite spacious.

The restaurant's wooden dining table and chairs don't have an elaborate ceiling, so it can be kept simple and warm. Behind sliding door is kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets are also custom made of log doors with white wall tiles and faux stone countertops, fresh, simple and much cleaner.

There is no waste in passage leading to bedroom. Not only did box make background of blackboard wall, they also built in a built-in wardrobe as a partition, which is much more practical.

The balcony adjoining master bedroom is also open and space looks more open. The floor is made of logs and balcony is even carpeted to create a space to relax.

The space in second bedroom is a little cramped, bay window was broken and there is a simple small desk by window, which also makes most of space.

The bathroom is a strip-shaped space. The toilet and sink are on right side of entrance, and shower area is on left side. There is no glass partition, only a shower screen is installed, which also has effect of separating wet and dry.

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