78㎡ mix and match beautiful home, balcony decoration is most eye-catching, and there is an additional home!

Two-room apartment of 78 sq. m2 is decorated in a combination of decor styles: Scandinavian freshness, simple elegance and French romantic style. This kind of home decor is probably liked by many young people. It is very unique, especially master bedroom. Balcony decoration, youth balconies really should be decorated like this. Not only is there an extra room, but a sense of leisure and comfort is what you are striving for!

The hallway closet and sideboard are combined together, and refrigerator is placed under this closet. To right is dining room, wooden dining table and chairs are covered with white checkered tablecloths, and fabric paintings on walls create a romantic and warm atmosphere.

Behind dining room is an open kitchen. Fresh wood grain cabinets are installed near window, and floor cabinets and wall cabinets are completed. This open floor plan looks more spacious, and dining and kitchen space looks very bright. . Behind blue arched door is living room, there is some American elegance in this transition.

Behind arched door is living room, a green leather sofa stands next to window, and wall is decorated with beautiful tableware as a background wall, done in American and Scandinavian styles.

The TV wall has no shape, but a log TV cabinet is placed, and incandescent lamps are installed on chandelier, which also has an artistic effect on wall. The walls on side of living room are covered with voluminous wallpaper of white cultural brick pattern, and on it there is a single sofa - this is a place for leisure and reading.

To side of living room is bathroom, which is divided into three sections, and sink is designed as a dry area in aisle, which makes washing or just washing hands much more convenient.

There is a bathroom inside. The floor is tiled in gray and blue, with a black water barrier in middle and a black and white striped shower curtain. It is also space that separates dry and wet.

The master bedroom seems romantic when you walk through door. The wall is painted Tiffany blue and space to right has been converted into a built-in wardrobe, leaving only one opening. The headboard of leather bed is decorated with French ornaments. romantic feeling in an instant.

This is decoration of balcony. First of all, walls are covered with white cultural bricks, plinth is made with a platform, upper surface is also equipped with wooden floors, windows are surrounded on three sides, and a small sofa is placed. This is an indispensable rest and comfort.

The second bedroom has a small space, so it's just made of tatami. The bedroom is basically a bed with storage space below, and a hanging wardrobe is specially installed at head of head. Much more practical.

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Two-room apartment of 78 sq. m2 is decorated in a combination of decor styles: Scandinavian freshness, simple elegance and French romantic style. This kind of home decor is probably liked by many young people. It is very unique, e...
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