Build a modern small apartment of 45 m2 in Scandinavian style with a grounded self-leveling floor!

Today, when Internet is popular, most people follow fashion. For example, Scandinavian style in home furniture industry has been popular from last two years to present. There are many more trendy elements in industry, such as gray and white color matching, pasta color matching, barn doors, booths, etc. For example, this is an attempt at a 45㎡ modern Scandinavian style, self-leveling cement floor is very earthy, there is also a retro feel. !

The whole space is done in an open pattern, mostly black, white, gray, logs and no other bright colors. The floor of entrance hall is made of self-leveling concrete floor, which goes directly from living room and bedroom to floor.

On right side of log door, a combined wardrobe of shoe cabinets and sideboards was built, and a refrigerator was specially installed.

The kitchen and dining area is open and background wall of sofa is made straight out of white stone as a bar counter. This is a restaurant and it's quite emotional.

The kitchen is made in form of a row of cabinets and placed against wall, there is no balcony, but there is a balcony for laundry and dryer.

The living room is not too big, and bay window sills are directly converted into wooden cabinets. The old blue Scandinavian style sofa is very simple and looks very fashionable.

In a small corner left by a dining table, a bar counter and a sofa, put a computer table and simple chairs, office will turn out to be not spacious, but practical.

There is a partition between living room and bedroom, separated by glass in a black frame. This side is also turned into a TV wall, transparent and bright.

The wall lamp is installed at head of bed as a bedside lamp. The windows are bay windows, as in living room, and green plants are placed on them. This calmness also creates a lot of freshness.

Don't look at small space, just because of founder, they are all made public. There is also a walk-in closet separated from a small space behind bathroom which is a bit small. This sliding door design is very wonderful.

The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and glass in a black frame is also used as a partition. The cabinet in bathroom is also multifunctional. One side is for washing and other side is a dressing table. space for one or two people. Most people strive for a comfortable life!

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Today, when Internet is popular, most people follow fashion. For example, Scandinavian style in home furniture industry has been popular from last two years to present. There are many more trendy elements in industry, such as gray...
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