Is balcony still used for storing sundries? Even 3 square meters can be a wonderful garden!

City dwellers lead a garden life with flowers and plants, especially IT workers and elderly who sit in front of a computer for a long time. The only way to create such an environment at home is with a balcony, but many people still use a balcony to store sundries. In fact, no matter how small balcony is, if you decorate it like that, 3㎡ can become a small garden!

A 3㎡ indoor balcony can not only plant flowers and potted plants, but also place a lounge chair or futon as a place to relax. Reading or working among flowers and plants can actually promote self-improvement.

An open balcony is exposed to wind and sun with enough water, and flowers and plants grow better. Hang flower pots on an outbuilding and place flower pots inside so as not to delay drying or beauty of garden.

If you have a heart, you can also make a small pebble fish pond, plant flowers around it, and fish in middle, which will have a more artistic concept for garden. Pay attention to waterproofing.

The site is paved with cobblestones, and area directly separated from side is paved with earth, flowers and plants are planted here. A walk inside is like a walk in a garden. One can breathe fresh air without going downstairs in morning.

If there is not enough space on ground, you can work hard on wall. For example, if you install such a wooden net on wall, you can hang potted plants directly on it, or plant climbing vines directly, you can do gardening.

If you think it's messy, just create storage partitions directly and put flower pots on them to make it tidy.

If you don't like crowded flowers and plants, you might attract mosquitoes, so place succulents on them and be careful when moving around.

Growing flowers and plants can also save space, and flowers and plants can be another form of beauty. If you don't need potted plants, save a few more Coke bottles. Such flower pots will make workplace more attractive. much better.

Growing flowers and plants can also help develop body and mind and develop a more patient character. Aren't such flowers and plants blooming at home attracting more attention?

Especially for retired seniors, they either take pets as companions or grow flowers and plants to set their mood. Have you noticed that in a small garden they play chess and admire flowers, and from time to time they say: This flower blooms better in our pot!

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