Installing a marble TV wall costs 7,000 yuan, after all, it is still higher class than fiber porcelain slab~

The new house is a three-bedroom apartment of 125 square meters. The designer designed TV wall with a marble surface. The quote is 7,000 yuan. The designer recommends a new material, fiberglass slab, which is same color as marble. From afar, there really is no difference , price is several thousand cheaper, daughter-in-law was almost tempted, and in end it was made of marble, and finished effect is even more rigid and high-end.

As soon as you enter corridor, you will find restaurant area. The space is quite spacious. I set up a sideboard that covers entire wall. Although it is fully slatted, this function is comparable to a high-end wine cabinet in a bar, and it is very practical.

Let's take a close-up of dining room. The dining table isn't as gorgeous, but a simple stone top and black steel tripod. This variety is really not from the category of elite.

When you enter, this is living room. There is no complex ceiling here, and original floor height itself is limited. Since there is a central air conditioner, some ceiling effects are also done on wall, which is very atmospheric. .

This is overall effect of living room. The new material I've seen before is also a ceramic tile-like surface. The texture is same as this marble. Price difference. Marble is still higher-end and more atmospheric.

The kitchen is equipped with white U-shaped cabinets. To make overall style look more cohesive, tiles with a marble pattern were chosen for wall. Although they are not as real and textured as marble textures, they are almost same.

The floor leading to bedroom has also been plastered, and a light source has been installed on top surface, making narrow passage look spacious.

The design of master bedroom is not only comfortable with gray background wall, especially with writing desk extending from closet to bay window, which is practical and beautiful. It is most reasonable design.

The boy's room is relatively simple, with just a cow-backed bed, double-door closet, and a small desk, turning into a fully functional boy's room.

This is most suitable room for twin daughters: double tables, one upper and one side bed - not much space.

The style of bathroom is same as living room, gray marble pattern wall and floor tiles, black marble countertop and glass partition for effect of separating dry and wet air, neat and generous!

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