How about making a dressing room out of 5 square meters of bedroom?

In modern urban life, having a separate dressing room in bedroom is much nicer than a large wall-to-wall closet. In fact, your closet area can only be so big. Apart from bed, bedroom is probably just a closet. Let's free up 5 square meters and make an independent dressing room for a more sophisticated life~

Do you have a wardrobe episode? Seeing heroine's cosmetic bag and wardrobe in series, you always envy a little, right? A glass wall is installed next to window, and there is still a closet inside, but there is a passage to enter room, not to mention fact that room becomes spacious, such a dressing room looks very original.

If there is not enough space on side of headboard, you can work in headboard, in fact, this is how it is built in, which looks neater.

With entire room turned into a tatami space, this corner open closet also looks very girly and more independent when entered from side.

Even if space is very small, dressing room is only depth of wardrobe, and dressing room connected to curtain and pushed together looks fresher and dreamier.

Sometimes making a dressing room can also add style to a bedside background. Doesn't this half-wall designer suit you?

Most people will use space at entrance to bedroom. If you don't know how to store your wardrobe, you can explore some of physical storefronts. You can not only store a lot of clothes, but also store a fashion sense.

If bedroom has such a built-in wardrobe, it is very convenient to create a dressing room. As for U-shaped storage cabinet or L-shaped storage cabinet, it depends on the size. space.

If capacity of dressing room made wardrobe is small, you can also use such an open shelf as a help. After all, there are seasonal clothes and seasonal clothes, what do you think?

In fact, such a dressing room is best implemented. She doesn't take up much space. Even if it is only enough to put a bed, and even nightstand is not easy to open, it can keep depth of bedside table to make a dressing room with one wall.

If it's really small, we can still use space on front like previous student residence, with design of top bed and bottom dressing room, are you excited?

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In modern urban life, having a separate dressing room in bedroom is much nicer than a large wall-to-wall closet. In fact, your closet area can only be so big. Apart from bed, bedroom is probably just a closet. Let's free up 5 squa...
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