Decorate room according to color scheme of model, simplify shape and enhance look.

The new house has no idea about decorating and I don't know where to start. After all, my wife had a way out. I went to look at several models of houses in sales office and chose my favorite American style. Even if area of ​​​​the apartments is different, each room design is similar to design of model room, that is, ceiling and TV wall are simplified, and furniture of same color is purchased later, which makes it more warmer than model number and I'll show it to you!

After entering door and going through corridor, you will find yourself in dining room and kitchen. Just like model room, kitchen wall is open to reveal a small door and glass sliding doors are installed. The dining and living areas look much more transparent and spacious. The dining table and chairs are made of dark wood, which is very American, background wall is not figured, but decorated with plaster lines, isn't it grandiose?

The living room adjoins dining room, and balcony is also divided by glass sliding doors. The wind from north is full of dust. It is good to install such a sliding door. The false ceiling is simplified, ordinary suspended ceiling with spotlights installed, TV wall has no shape, like background wall of restaurant, only decorated with gypsum lines.

The living room is not too crowded, because it is a high-rise building, so height of floor itself is not so high, and ceiling would be nice to simplify. Several American-style herbariums hang on back wall of sofa, greatly enhancing American style.

Most impressive is design of passage between dining room and living room, corners are specially made with arches, such a simple sense of lines makes space more layered and voluminous.

The wall in second bedroom is painted grey, and American-style wooden bed I bought gives it a laid-back, laid-back feel. Even the bay window space has been used to create a hanging table, beautiful and practical.

The background of master bedroom bedside table is almost copied from reference room, and also pasted over with this special textured embroidered wall covering, which has a high-quality look and visual sense, making master bedroom elegant and comfortable. .

The size of children's room is different from model room, but I really like these upper and lower children's beds. The wall is built with a built-in multifunctional cabinet. The space next to bed, window is designed for a desk and bookcase, which is enough for children.

The design of bathroom is also done in noble gray tones. The bathroom cabinet is built into wall, and there is also a built-in storage cabinet in niche. The gray marble top gives whole bathroom a fashionable feel. !

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