I bought an 89 m2 two bedroom house to settle in and spent 100,000 to move in with a bag. The simple finishes are also warm!

There has always been a collective registration of households in this city, and I did not have courage to buy a house. Now that settlement policy has changed and children have grown up, prices for small apartments are too high. you can only buy this two-bedroom apartment of 89 square meters in suburbs. For living room, it costs 100,000 yuan with simple decoration. As for furniture and home appliances, effect of this price is really worth it.

In hallway, upper and lower shoe racks are also made, there is nothing pretentious on wall, so it is simply painted with white latex paint, neat and clean.

When I entered, this aquarium was also standing at aisle. They say that a beautiful aquarium can also bring good luck. My husband believes in feng shui, and it took me a long time to choose type of house. The sliding door installed on opposite kitchen door is afraid to take up space.

The kitchen is only 4㎡, equipped with built-in wardrobes with double finishing. The lighting in kitchen is not bad, light can also be introduced into hallway.

The dining room and living room are originally a space. For greater practicality, a half-wall was built between dining room and living room. It can also be used as a sideboard and has a good storage function. I especially like design of bookcase on wall. During day, this dining table can also be transformed into a place for literary and artistic reading.

Half wall is also a sofa background wall, a set of gray corner sofas, comfortable and tidy.

There is no form on TV wall, and almost all walls are blank, not even a photo wall. Fortunately, children are not noisy, and dirty handprints on wall do not frighten them.

The master bedroom balcony is also open and a set of wardrobes installed. The wardrobe is a ready-made wardrobe that I bought and this set of wardrobes is enough for storage.

The second bedroom is for children. The walls are painted light green and pink linens are very refreshing.

The bathroom is equipped with a separate shower, and washbasin cabinets are installed directly on one wall. They say they are afraid to ruin bathroom and kitchen, so it is far-sighted to put such cabinets. I lived for a month, and more I live, warmer it becomes for me. .

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