86㎡ green and fresh decor, entrance is a 2-meter cabinet restaurant, so beautiful!

It's not easy to have your own house, although it's just a small two-room apartment of 86 square meters, which is much better than renting a house. Finishing is also as close as possible to your preference. The walls are green to varying degrees and everything is built in a green and fresh home. The entrance is a one-piece cabinet-style cubicle 2 meters long. restaurant. The design is beautiful and practical. Suitable for both large and small houses, you will love it too!

The original floor plan is here for everyone. The general layout of house has not changed. There is much more space in office.

There is only one narrow wall in hallway, into which a built-in shoe cabinet is built, although there is only one narrow side, but space is squeezed out. In dining room, there is a one-piece booth in form of a cabinet against wall, and on both sides there are sideboards in form of a showcase. The two-meter booth is designed to process dining chairs and sideboards, and appearance is not bad.

In general, interior is a combination of green and white. The background wall of sofa is emerald green. The white studded sofa looks fresh, elegant and comfortable.

The wooden floor is completely laid on ground, and wall between living room and lounge is open to form a half wall. The bar counter can be used for storage, and the wall is painted in light green grass.

The balcony connected to living room is a gift area. I purposely made a large wooden flower stand and placed various potted plants or books on it to give a real green scent to artificial greenery at home. I put it on the sofa to hold it The last book is as comfortable as it is.

The master bedroom walls are painted light blue, with a white wardrobe with open doors, a black solid wood bed and bedside tables. The entire bedroom is refreshing and comfortable without losing texture or taste.

In original practice room, a set of tatami mats with futons and cushions was installed. Girlfriends also love to chat here, and family and friends can also change into guest rooms in seconds while staying here.

Despite having a separate kitchen, I usually don't cook. The walls and floor are tiled in grey, matt, textured tiles that are stain resistant and easy to maintain. I heard from my mom that there are more closets. It won't be messy and that's really right thing to do.

No matter how small bathroom is, it still needs to be separated from wet and dry. When renting a house, there is no separation between dry and wet. So even if toilet is in shower room, it should be separated from wet and dry. Was your bathroom separated from wet and dry?

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It's not easy to have your own house, although it's just a small two-room apartment of 86 square meters, which is much better than renting a house. Finishing is also as close as possible to your preference. The walls are green to ...
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