The new house of 118 m2 cost 210,000 yuan in hard finish + soft finish. Is this effect wasteful or too much worth it?

The new house is a three-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​118 square meters. It was simply furnished, and now furniture has been delivered and cleaned. Hard and soft decoration cost 210,000 yuan. I think that effect of this cost of decoration is already considered high-class, and I brought my relatives to live together, and my relatives muttered that it was too wasteful. Let's see if effect is worth 210,000 yuan?

Although whole house does not have beautiful shapes, all materials are environmentally friendly. For example, whole wall of TV wall is made of diatomaceous earth, and solid color is also pleasing to eye.

The TV cabinet, sofa and coffee table are made as a single unit. The black and white color scheme is also very classic and looks lavish without losing style. Looking at restaurant area from this side, living room ceiling is still solid.

When viewed from dining room into living room, living room is connected to a balcony. The white gas curtain lets in sunlight, lighting is very good, and room seems much larger.

The dining table and chairs in restaurant are an integral part of furniture. They look simple but styles are very trendy, comfortable and easy to clean. No background wall simulation, just hang a picture to enhance atmosphere.

There is a kitchen inside sliding door. Although kitchen has room for U-shaped cabinets, it is only made into an L-shaped one. The left side has been converted into a mobile bar counter, which can also be used as a Taiwan transaction counter.

This is master bedroom. I prefer black and white color scheme. It looks comfortable and comfortable, which is in line with my preference. The wardrobe is made of sliding doors and there is no special ceiling, but it looks good if plaster line is wrong.

The second bedroom is for husband's parents, they are more environmentally friendly, so all walls are painted with diatomaceous earth, and floor height is limited, ceiling is same as the master bedroom.

The entire study room is tatami mat and has beds, wardrobes and desks. Now it is used as a training room. In future, when children become independent, it can also be turned into a children's room. .

​The bathroom is not really big, it has a separate shower. On walls and on floor, tiles are of same gray stone texture, which is very neat. The toilet is also a smart toilet, which is much more convenient and hygienic to use! After finishing decoration with this effect, I actually feel a lot of pride in my soul, because cost of work and materials for decoration is not low now. Do you think it's too expensive?

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