Lighting is very important for decoration. The new 108 sqm house has warm lighting, warm and beautiful, like a model room.

The simple style is really out of ordinary if you use right color. For example, in this new 108-square-meter, three-bedroom home, walls are painted in light goose yellow, lighting is fully installed in warm colors, and furniture is warm and comfortable. Beautiful. My friends all said that it was beautiful, like a model room, and feeling of home did not diminish at all. Show everyone!

There is an upper and lower shoe cabinet in hallway, and a Scandinavian-style drawer on wall between dining room and living room, which is not only a partition, but also a decoration.

The background wall of restaurant is decorated with hard film + mirror stripes, which is very textured and fashionable. The shape of chandelier is especially beautiful, creates a beautiful scenery, and atmosphere is easily created. There is also a window between it and kitchen, so there is no need to walk a lot on it when serving dishes.

The kitchen is full of warm lights, and orange and yellow cabinet doors look like an extra layer of filter. The small balcony I brought with me is a living balcony where washing and drying takes place.

Looking into living room from dining room, TV wall is decorated with hardcover and mirror stripes, like a restaurant background wall, which is simple and elegant without losing quality. There is a glass sliding door between loggia and loggia, and coffee-colored curtains are especially warm.

The base is a shared wood floor, and beige fabric sofa is also paired with leopard-print cushions that are both trendy and comfortable.

The wall of master bedroom is covered with gold-tone wallpaper with small patterns, which helps a lot to sleep under warm lights, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere for sleeping.

The second bedroom is much smaller and basically only has a small walkway for bed and closet. Luckily, a bay window can be a nice place to relax with some pillows.

The office also has a bay window. This is a double office. Tables all over wall. Two layers of solid wood partitions are installed for storage. It is simple and elegant, and atmosphere of this study room is very pleasant.

Most notable is wall-to-wall collection at back of office, with all sorts of out-of-print books and Chuan Pu art decorations. Speaking of which, he looks proud.

​The guest bathroom does not have a separate shower room, as well as a wet/dry separation. A shower screen will be installed in future. A more powerful design is a niche-shelf next to shower. space is very well used and niche is built Can fit a lot of toiletries.

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