The bathrooms of new house are decorated with brick, and neighbors followed suit by reading this!

In summer, it is really tiring to do repairs, but, fortunately, in hottest time, decoration is finally over. The new house of 120 m2 is decorated in a retro-American style. The furniture is very beautiful. Bathroom cabinets are made of beautiful and waterproof brick. They are very practical and beautiful. The neighbors have followed suit and they will be moving into a new house after summer Hello everyone!

The walls are all painted in khaki solid color, which is warmer, especially when combined with dark furniture, American style is more prominent, and retro and fashion temperament cannot be blocked.

The brown and red leather sofa feels like standard retro American style. The height of floor of multi-storey buildings is small. After installing central space, it will become even shorter. It is better to use short furniture.

As viewed from living room, this is dining room. Initially, there was a small balcony directly connected to large floor-to-ceiling windows. The dining room is larger and brighter.

The sliding door on side of dining room is kitchen. The cup holder under wall cabinet is very well designed, and hooks at bottom can hang kitchen utensils, which is practical. The background wall of cabinet is covered with fine mosaic tiles, color is very stain resistant and easy to care for.

The design of master bedroom matches that of living room, with khaki walls and dark wood furnishings. The false ceiling is circled to increase light source, and top is decorated with plaster lines, which are layered and look more comfortable.

This is a brick bathroom cabinet. There is not much space in main bathroom. This plank is a bathroom cabinet. The frame is made of brick and countertops are tiled. It is waterproof and moisture resistant too much.

The second bedroom is for children. The walls are specially painted blue, and dark wood furniture blends with refreshing feel of American Mediterranean.

​The main bathroom is designed with a bath, and auxiliary bathroom is designed with a shower. Sliding doors are used to separate dry and humid air. Small tiles on wall are unified with kitchen. Earthy, cozy and residential!

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In summer, it is really tiring to do repairs, but, fortunately, in hottest time, decoration is finally over. The new house of 120 m2 is decorated in a retro-American style. The furniture is very beautiful. Bathroom cabinets are ma...
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