In new decoration of house, husband insisted on breaking through wall, living room looked several times larger!

Almost all decor decisions are made by me, for example, Scandinavian-style installation, purchase of log furniture, etc. The husband decided to open wall between living room and study, making a half-wall, and in back it is an open study, living room seems to several times larger, and area of ​​ten square meters seems to be more than 30 square meters!

The entrance is connected to dining room kitchen, and shoe cabinet turns into a one-piece combined cabinet, wardrobe for clothes and shoes, a stool for changing shoes, a wall cabinet, and there is enough storage space.

The dining room is just a wooden dining table and chairs. The background wall of dining room is decorated with Scandinavian paintings, fresh and natural, and very nice to look at.

If you look at dining room, kitchen and living room as a whole from entrance side, it is spacious and bright. Even if there is no stretch ceiling, beams along top of wall are finished with veneered wood panels, which also have effect of a front suspended ceiling.

Sliding door is the kitchen, L-shaped common wardrobe, white wall tiles and gray floor tiles, simple and fresh, it's a Scandinavian tone~

The living area is quite small, only less than 10 square meters. The wall behind sofa was broken to make half a wall, which is not only background wall of sofa, but also a partition between living room and office at back.

The TV wall has no shape and overall space remains empty. Simply place a Scandinavian-style TV stand and fashionable beauty fills entire space.

Behind sofa is an open work area, where bay windows form a whole tatami, and background wall is a whole wall of built-in bookcases, which takes up no space and is roomy.

This is a cabinet design. The bay windows are converted into tatami mats for relaxing. After wall between living room and study is broken, beams cannot be moved, so they are finished with log veneer panels.

This is end result. The Scandinavian style really prefers white tones, fresh and elegant, elegant and atmospheric.

There is no stretch ceiling in master bedroom, which is considered simplest decoration. Light wood floors and dark wood furniture are harmoniously combined. Against background of light and light upholstered furniture, it is cozy and beautiful.

The only balcony in living room is used as a living balcony, and glass sliding door is used as a partition, which does not affect overall lighting. Husband's wall is well broken, and the Scandinavian style is still open and spacious!

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Almost all decor decisions are made by me, for example, Scandinavian-style installation, purchase of log furniture, etc. The husband decided to open wall between living room and study, making a half-wall, and in back it is an open...
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