Showing my mom's nursing home, my favorite is bay window design in living room, it's so practical!

Some time ago, my mother was renovating an old house that was rented out. She said she was going to use it as a nursing home for them. I like effect, simple and simple, design of bay window in living room is very good, all of tatami, and below all storage space, drying effect!

The restaurant hall is located on right side of entrance. I bought a solid wood shoe cabinet in middle as a room divider. You can put some useful things on tabletop. It would be nice to put an aquarium in future.

The ceilings of dining room and living room are same three-story ceiling, only decorated with simple drywall boards and plaster lines, and effect is gorgeous and beautiful. The dining room also has tables and chairs made of solid wood, both parents like things made of solid wood, who say that they are environmentally friendly.

The layout of house is quite correct. Open door and see hall. Opposite entrance is a kitchen with glass sliding doors that can also provide lighting for entrance to restaurant. Elderly people like to live in a well. - lighted room.

In kitchen, not only are tiles white, but cabinets and countertops are all white, which communicates with light in second bedroom and looks bright.

Mom finally challenged kitchen with white cabinets. She always said she wanted white cabinets. Either way, she can take care of them. The kitchen is always clean.

The entrance to door is living room. Although area is small, this solid wood corner sofa is still ordered. It looks a bit compact. There's a lot of light on ceiling, Ho Liang.

Old aunt always said that living room looked cramped, and corner sofa was arranged like this, it really looked like it, but if only parents liked it. Of course, nursing home decor is more comfortable if you like it.

This is overall effect of living room. The wall with TV is directly pasted over with wallpaper. The bay window design is very good. The lower part is divided into tatami. Flowers can be placed on top, and bottom of daybed can be used all storage space, which elderly love neat, more storage space is more joyful.

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Some time ago, my mother was renovating an old house that was rented out. She said she was going to use it as a nursing home for them. I like effect, simple and simple, design of bay window in living room is very good, all of tata...
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