The three bedroom house of 96 m2 has only one balcony, which has also been replaced with tatami, which is so beautiful that people doubt life.

Despite fact that new house itself has a three-bedroom layout of 96 sq. m, and budget for finishing is limited, layout has not undergone major changes. The overall design is pastoral American style and only one balcony has been replaced with tatami mats. It's hard for parents to explain that a lifestyle balcony is practical. After seeing it, my girlfriends can't wait to come and sit a little every day, it's really beautiful !

There is a restaurant outside door. All back walls of restaurant are arched storage cabinets of very high value. The entire wall is made of white wood to create a dado-style paneling. What American countryside needs is a retro-country vibe.

The kitchen area is slightly smaller and cabinet doors are made of solid wood for a distressed feel, paired with white stone countertops and beige tiles that are stain resistant and easy to clean. and still very practical.

There are very few windows in house itself, and it is very dark when entering house during day, so many downlights are used as auxiliary lights on entire ceiling, which have a strong sense of natural light, and even at night, interior is much brighter. The furniture for home is all from same series: TV cabinets are same as dining table and chairs, with old blue cabinet doors and orange countertops.

The study room is a narrow and long space. This type of space has best layout. There are bookcases on one wall and double tables on one wall. At end there is a guzheng practice room, which can be considered as a standard office.

The wall of master bedroom is mainly made of floral wallpaper and wooden wall panels. Wooden wall panels are used not only to decorate backdrop of bed, but also to create a strong rustic feel. and comfortable space of master bedroom.

The second bedroom is a children's room, decorated in American style. This room has a lot of blue tones and it's all made of wooden wall panels. The wallpaper is specially matched with vertical stripes of American Mediterranean style wallpaper. room is cool, refreshing and enjoyable, perfect for little boys.

​This is only balcony, parents mean that there is no place to dry it, and it is not good to make tatami. However, this transformation really kills two birds with one stone. He also made a lift table that can be used as a guest bedroom or lounge table. too comfortable!

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Despite fact that new house itself has a three-bedroom layout of 96 sq. m, and budget for finishing is limited, layout has not undergone major changes. The overall design is pastoral American style and only one balcony has been re...
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