The kitchen is large, and there are only two meters of cabinets, is this a waste of decoration?

The new house is a three-room apartment with an area of ​​97㎡. The decoration is simple but color scheme is very generous in Scandinavian style. After construction is completed, many relatives and friends are puzzled by decoration of kitchen. The kitchen is very spacious, but cabinets are only installed on one wall, and there are only two rice floor cabinets and hanging cabinets, some say they are wasteful, others say they are exquisite and beautiful, like you think?

The entrance hall is not very spacious, but there are many necessary cabinets for shoes and hats, full-length mirrors and dressing stools, which are neither compact nor elegant.

The entrance to hallway is dining room. The wall in middle is lined with cabinets on both sides. On one side is entry closet, and on other side is aisle closet. There's plenty of storage space. This side just happens to be background wall of restaurant, with green tablecloths. It goes well with wall and also blends beautifully.

The entire dining and living room wall is painted green, even living room has no false ceilings.

As viewed from dining room, it's a living room, with green walls, a custom-bought orange leather sofa, and a green fabric sofa on one side, and a checkered fabric sofa by window, something like a classy handsome.

The TV wall is a one-piece combined cabinet. The background color wall is directly a cement wall. The TV stand is a storage space. Even if part of it is open storage, it does not get polluted.

The master bedroom is fresh and elegant. As in living room, there is no stretch ceiling here, but it is located directly on floor. Two sconces are installed on wall as table lamps, which saves space for nightlights. It's simple and generous!

The second bedroom is very refreshing. Although area is small, bedroom looks very spacious against backdrop of a light blue wall and a white wall.

Honestly, kitchen is really spacious and has a living balcony. Obviously, two sets of wall cabinets and floor cabinets can be installed to increase storage space, but only one side is installed. White Wall Cabinets These are wooden floor cabinets, eliminating feeling of congestion on both sides, and overall look is much more atmospheric.

​The bathroom is also a controversial space, with a small footprint and a folding shower, beige matte wall tiles are very textured, and black fittings make whole bathroom cool, effect is beautiful and practical!

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