"Steal" more usable area, watch 30㎡ only transform against sky!

The house I bought has been rented out for more than three years. It is just covered with wallpaper and floor with leather. I was stunned to "steal" a lot of space, let's see how this little Dudan transforms against sky!

Because it's only for rent, decoration is as simple as possible: walls are covered with cheap stickers, floor is decorated with floor leather, and there is no formal shoe cabinet.

With exception of basic furniture, room is almost bare, with no storage space, and room looks unkempt.

The sofa and living room are also connected by partitions mounted on wall as bookshelves, and room does not even have a serious door.

Next, let's look at changes after repair. The layout has changed a lot and whole design also relies on storage. The entire wall of entry porch is used to create an entire surface for storage and decoration Upper cabinet Connected to TV cabinet.

This small bar counter doubles as a workbench as well as a room divider at end of bed. The sofa simply turns into a card seat that has storage space and looks beautiful. A partition cabinet is a storage closet that “steals” a lot of usable space.

The bedroom only has space for a bed, and there are plenty of hanging wardrobes. There is a tatami storage area under the bed. The deck background wall is an entire wall of storage cabinets. Are you still worried about storage? It does not exist!

Let's compare old and new, which will be clearer. The partition between living room and kitchen is a bar-style restaurant that could still be expanded! When it was open it wasn't crowded when guests came to eat.

Looking from bedroom into living room and kitchen area, since most of area is occupied by walls, depth can be much less, but no matter how many things there are, you are not afraid of chaos.

The combination of white and blue logs is very refreshing, and original small space looks much more atmospheric.

This is situation when restaurant is open. The corner on right is kitchen and overall tone is white. Almost no oily smoke penetrates from this angle.

Compared to old and new kitchens, basic white color is more spacious and cooking mood is much better.

This is a bathroom makeover. Like the kitchen, everything is done in white with black fittings. Everything is simple and elegant and looks very refreshing~

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