The new 148㎡ house is divided into family-friendly suites, even with a separate kitchen!

The new house is located in a picturesque town, and territory is not small, it is a bungalow with an area of ​​148 sq.m. After all, this is a suite, it even has a separate kitchen, just awesome!

First, let's load general floor plan. On right is a shared suite that is rented for a long time. It even has a kitchen. On left there is a separate standard room that can be rented out. The bathrooms are all on balcony, and you can take a bath while looking at sky. The feeling is real only in a dream.

This is a common living room throughout house. Don't underestimate white wall. Under it is an electric heating stove, and wall can be projected. It's very cool to watch blockbusters together at night.

Look at this effect. If it's winter now, isn't it very warm? From here you can see console panel.

This is a restaurant and kitchen as a whole, they are all made in an open style, lamps in restaurant are all star models, very dreamy and beautiful.

All bedrooms are decorated in same beige and white color scheme, all walls are whitewashed and the curtains are beige, which creates a relaxed style.

This bedroom is a double room with a one meter bed, warm and comfortable, and each room has its own bathroom.

The bathroom in double room is located on balcony, with a glass roof and a wooden ceiling, while lying in bath you can look at stars.

The floor of suite is completely concrete, with a separate bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and so on.

No unnecessary color, it is this combination of white and beige that makes whole space clean and generous, and you can comfortably enjoy every minute of journey. Even if there is only one sofa in living room for relaxing, it is very casual.

This is kitchen in suite. The operating table and bar-restaurant are combined. The open design makes common space very spacious. Enjoying feeling of cooking on your own while traveling is much more enjoyable.

​Independent bathrooms are divided into dry and wet. Although area is small, simple color scheme keeps overall look neat. Would you like to live in such a family while traveling?

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