146㎡ four American-style bedrooms, it is very reasonable to open kitchen to balcony

Three generations live together, so I bought this four-room apartment of 146 sq.m. Of course, American style is more suitable for families of different ages. As long as color combination is suitable, simple American style is really unusual. It is very wise that kitchen opens onto a balcony. Not to mention spacious space, storage is also strong, and mood of vegetable washing window is good!

The anti-theft door has been replaced with a gold one, with white upper and lower shoe racks, antique floor tiles, and a colorful tile circle around it. The door creates a luxurious and ambience feel.

The walls are painted in light milk tea, brown cabinets and leather sofas. The brown tone gives whole living room a natural and cozy atmosphere. Even if back wall with TV and wall with sofa are not used, it is still very high class.

The TV and coffee table are made in classic brown American style. A brown leather sofa is paired with green plant cushions, echoing paintings hanging on wall.

The ceiling in dining room is simpler than in living room. The dining table, chairs and living room furniture are also a set. Dark brown leather dining chairs look emotional.

The color of tiles in kitchen is also very convenient: floor and walls are made of antique tiles, floor is light green and wall tiles are coffee color gradient mesh, fresh and elegant. sink is installed on an open balcony, and cabinets are pulled out for storage. There is an extra set of space, and it is still very pleasant to wash vegetables by the window.

The master bedroom has a tatami-free corner bay window and a countertop is installed to create a space to relax, which is still very comfortable.

This is parents' room. The color scheme is quite fresh. It has a Ho Liang space that mothers love and an idyllic vibe. It is very convenient to live here.

The children's room is relatively small, with a wall-to-wall closet installed against wall. The solid wood bed and bedside table are odorless, which is more environmentally friendly. Children also like such a calm and cozy environment.

The bay window in office is equipped with a stone top, a desk and a bookcase are integrated, and a wall cabinet is built in on top. There is enough storage space here, and you can not be afraid that there is nowhere to store books.

The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and shower area is separated by a glass sliding door, there are practically no water stains on sink, and cabin is cleaner!

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