I think hardcover room decoration is simple, and I spent 60,000 yuan to renovate it and see precarious life!

I chose hardcover room with great joy, because I didn’t want to decorate it, and I didn’t want to live in it and endure noise of neighborly repairs. home to be so simple. I have no other choice but to renovate 148 square meter house that cost 60,000 yuan to make small changes and then complete it with soft furnishings and furniture so that I can doubt my life!

When I got room, it was a living room with a stretch ceiling and a floor on floor. I just picked it up and replaced it with this red-brown one. Then I changed whole door and did a soft finish, looks pretty good.

This is a restaurant, sideboards on wall are all up and down, cabinet doors have been replaced, cabinets have also been built into balcony of restaurant.

The master bedroom is simpler, without a false ceiling, plaster around it.

This is a converted living room, floor is laid, furniture is arranged, there are no other plans for TV wall, because it has already been formed.

The dark red floor is still nice and fits in better with overall look. The solid wood furniture is American style and fits well overall.

The furniture in dining room and living room match each other, and cabinets in middle aisle also have new doors that match sideboards, and effect looks much better.

The master bedroom hasn't been moved much from original base, meaning common floor is same as living room, which is more suited to match American style furniture.

Cabinets also come with a complete set, to be honest, many things in fine finishes in lighter colors and need to be replaced.

The second bedroom is for children, and furniture should be as light as possible, which is more suitable for children.

The original training room had to be converted entirely to tatami mats. It would be too troublesome to forget about it later, and it would be too troublesome to just arrange tables and bookcases in this way.

The kitchen is only one that has hardly changed. Looking at this room, you understand what kind of decoration it was originally, right? If it is completely disassembled and transported, then project is really not small, so be it.

​The bathroom has also retained builder's layout, bathroom cabinet has been replaced, and style immediately improves. What do you think of this transformation?

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I chose hardcover room with great joy, because I didn’t want to decorate it, and I didn’t want to live in it and endure noise of neighborly repairs. home to be so simple. I have no other choice but to renovate 148 square meter hou...
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