The hard decoration is so beautiful even without a ceiling thanks to 150,000 soft decorations!

During finishing, I listened to light finishes and heavy finishes of my parents. The hard finish was very basic. I did not even make ceiling, but immediately pasted plaster lines. The materials are not sloppy, all environmentally friendly. It took 150,000 yuan to hire a special furniture company to furnish after project was completed. With this combination, the lack of style turned into a beautiful American style.

The main floor is laminated parquet. Despite simplicity, materials are also good. There is a bespoke shoe cabinet in hallway and a retro American style sideboard inside. The dining table and chairs are solid wood. I really like this style. There is a sofa on each side, which is also very artistic when used as a workbench. .

The kitchen is behind dining room sliding door. In general, black cabinets are very textured and stain resistant. The black and white word combination is also very classic and trendy.

There is no stretch ceiling in living room, and upper surface is directly decorated with plaster. American style solid wood TV cabinet with glass windows is like an imaginary living room, so simple and warm.

The study has hinged doors, mainly to enhance interior lighting. The wardrobes are rigidly furnished and custom made, while upholstered furniture is sofas and seats. The overall effect is still very good.

The master bedroom is elegant and comfortable, with a large bay window on corner and Chinese white stone countertops. It is cool in summer, and in winter there is a comfortable observation deck with pillows. It is very pleasant to read a book and drink tea.

The black and white color scheme is very pleasing to eye. The white cabinet is upstairs with enough storage and also has a separate bathroom.

The second bedroom is for parents. Although they don't come here often, they still want them to stay here to sleep when they come to visit their children. Gray walls are combined with light wooden furniture, and old people love bright rooms.

The children's room looks quite rustic, walls are painted in light pea green, white wardrobe, white bed and staircase-like display case are quite beautiful, and overall look is youthful and lively.

The bathroom is equipped with a separate shower, and Go board tiles on floor are chosen long ago, they are durable and dirt-resistant, white bathroom tiles and black fittings are simple and elegant, with an urban fashion sense!

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