This decoration is very different, TV wall is actually made of cement.

As you like more decor items, style of your own home will become a mix and match style. Take a look at this brand new 115m2 mix and match home with exposed limestone walls and cement walls and even TV wall has a grungy cement surface, it's so different!

The cabinets in hallway are made of wood, cabinets are entirely hanging, not to mention space below.

A glass side is placed on top of dining table, and sideboard is also very practical, it neatly stores many items. If this is not a dining table, then a desk is one too.

From dining room to living room, you can see corner of wall with TV. The rough and simple cement wall also has an alternative aesthetic.

All walls around living room are white, except that background wall of TV is made of lime cement and TV cabinets are made from several ancient crates. The living room is full of retro style.

The living room and balcony are connected by log storage cabinets, gray fabric sofa is very textured, two rows of shelves are installed on back wall, and top of wall with TV and wall with sofa are lit. atmosphere is very warm.

The wardrobe and bed in master bedroom are made from logs, and wall panels are custom-made, which is also backdrop of headboard. The log room is fresh and cozy.

The wall at end of the bed is also a bare lime wall, and a hanging table is installed, which can be a dressing table or a writing desk that can be switched at will.

The walls of study are same as in master bedroom. Part of walls are painted with limestone walls. Rough walls have a literary style in this scientific atmosphere.

The second bedroom is relatively small, and no one lives there yet, it's just a sofa bed, usually, if guests come, you can sleep on it.

A flower stand is installed on balcony, and various potted plants fill entire balcony with vitality. Fitness equipment is installed on balcony. This is a gym with fresh air.

​The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and storage space of mirror cabinet installed on wall is not small. The bathroom cabinet is also installed with a mirror door, which makes space look larger when reflected.

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As you like more decor items, style of your own home will become a mix and match style. Take a look at this brand new 115m2 mix and match home with exposed limestone walls and cement walls and even TV wall has a grungy cement surf...
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