148㎡ light and luxurious American style, looks good everywhere, but restaurant is going bust on green cabinet!

It took 4 months to decorate a new house with an area of ​​148 sq.m in a light and luxurious American style. It's rather ugly, is it really an ideal house that collapsed on a green closet? We help you see!

The hard finish of house is quite simple, without particularly complex shapes, but overall appearance is very high quality. The floor tiles on ground are bordered by waves, creating a carpet effect. There is no TV wall, but just putting in a combo TV cabinet is no less grandiose.

The decor of sofa wall is simpler, two hanging paintings, no dado, but a white plaster line crosses past, creating a dado effect.

Looking at restaurant as a whole from living room, living room and dining area have floor-to-ceiling windows allowing light to flow into each other.

This is a green cabinet. The green color itself can set off American style. The middle part of cabinet door is still equipped with a mirror, which increases capacity. Of course the color is wrong. It shouldn't be so green, it should be mustard green.

The white cabinets in kitchen are L-shaped and walls are tiled in gray, which looks good.

The space in children's room is not bad, it is a room that combines life, learning and play, a full-wall closet, a separate desk, and a carpet on the floor to play on. functions are still very diverse.

The background walls of master bedroom are painted bright blue and solid wood furniture with rivets matches desired American style.

The master bedroom has a specially shaped balcony. The narrow side is equipped with wardrobes, while wide side is used as a small office, which is warm and cozy, and it has a sense of leisure and luxury.

The auxiliary bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and long space is well planned. What prides itself on design of niche next to sink, which is equipped with a glass top on which you can put a lot of toiletries. , The storage function is very strong, so many neighbors have studied this design and carried it home!

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It took 4 months to decorate a new house with an area of ​​148 sq.m in a light and luxurious American style. It's rather ugly, is it really an ideal house that collapsed on a green closet? We help you see! The hard finish of hous...
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