Show off new house you just moved into and TV wall that costs only 800, it's so beautiful!

In order to save on decoration of new house, a simple ceiling and a TV wall are made. The rest of place is basically a simple decoration. Everything is painted black, appearance is old and tall. It was a bit messy when I just signed up, let me show it to everyone!

This is an entrance, and entrance space is quite long, originally planned as a dressing room, but in this case passage would be very narrow and long, and it would not be good to feel oppressed when entering door.

Looking at entrance from entrance, wall is covered with wallpaper. The design and color are relatively simple and elegant, and you can change it later on according to your mood, which is very convenient.

The partition between dining room and entrance is Duobao pavilion, and sideboard is also it. It's very practical. Don't pay attention to things on dining table yet, they are still in the process of being cleaned.

There are false ceilings in dining room and living room, and dining room consists of circular false ceilings. The warm light belt is not only very warm at night, but also beautiful during day when it is turned on. Looking at entire living room from this side, it is spacious and majestic, although sofas are all black, it does not seem oppressive and heavy.

The sofa is custom made from black leather and walls are finished in white and beige. This black sofa looks classic and inviting.

Don't look at simplicity and elegance of TV wall. She looks very stylish. In fact, it costs only 800 yuan. I did not think about that. I went out and said that she must look good. Certainly. enough, there is storage space on side, and background of TV is drywall pasted on wall to draw lines. I bought a bottle of black paint and painted it. It is so beautiful.

The kitchen is made open, sides of mouth are made of stone, and whole cupboard with golden metallic paint goes very well with simple style.

The upper surface of passage is also made of a simple form, and entrance to passage is also decorated with plaster. This carved entrance is very beautiful. If you want, you can also look at store decorated with plaster lines. The price is not high.

The bathroom is divided into three sections. The washbasin is decorated outside bathroom, shower area is also highlighted inside. The tiles are made in a single color tone. Kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, aisle, etc. all brown mesh tiles, a single tone tiles don't look dirty at all.

There is even more chaos in bedroom, so I won’t post a photo for you. Forced to provide you with a balcony. I moved all green plants from old house. The entire balcony is filled with vitality. Small garden space is very needed in city life, balcony is best choice!

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In order to save on decoration of new house, a simple ceiling and a TV wall are made. The rest of place is basically a simple decoration. Everything is painted black, appearance is old and tall. It was a bit messy when I just sign...
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