The bachelor apartment is so cool too, closet in the bedroom is just an iron shelf + curtains!

Visiting a good friend's solitary apartment really ruined my idea of ​​home. The balcony was converted into a tatami tea room, bedroom used a sliding barn door, and even a closet was mounted on wall with iron shelves. Just draw curtains, 58㎡ small apartment is really cool!

The passage at entrance to entrance is very narrow. There are hooks and bulletin boards on wall, and shoe cabinets can only be placed on side. This decoration is artistic and fresh.

A full-length mirror mounted on another wall hides a mystery: when opened, there is a very rich storage cabinet, keys, charging cables, etc., and when cabinet is opened, a small dressing table.

This is entire area of ​​the living room. The walls are covered with yellow cabinets and gray cabinet doors. Of these, cabinets for storage and showcases are made. A small two-seat sofa exudes a young and trendy atmosphere.

Behind sofa there is a balcony covered with tatami, and on wall there is a whole cabinet for a collection of anime and figurines, this is not only a workbench, but also a tea lounge.

Looking at panorama of living room from this angle, TV wall has no shape, but everything is a combination of yellow and blue, it is this color that makes whole space cool. Look at barn door, inside is master bedroom!

The pantry in house is really not closed. On both sides of bedside table in master bedroom there are wardrobes from top to top. The gray cabinet body and yellow background table are still same color as living room. room.

Even under bed there is storage space, look at wrought iron wardrobe on wall, you can hang it, it's just a hidden extra-large dressing room.

The closet should have a close-up, middle is a place for clothes hangers, and at top there are yellow dividers for storage cabinets, and at bottom there is a whole row of gray cabinets, because color matching is same, so overall look is not messy at all.

The kitchen is dominated by white overall cabinets, the walls and floor are lined with black and white tiles.

​There is also a black iron storage shelf on bathroom wall. It's more practical than a wooden one and you don't have to worry about getting wet. The key color scheme is very cool.

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Visiting a good friend's solitary apartment really ruined my idea of ​​home. The balcony was converted into a tatami tea room, bedroom used a sliding barn door, and even a closet was mounted on wall with iron shelves. Just draw cu...
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