A home to yourself, as long as you like it, even if it is slightly decorated, it is a pleasure to look at!

After three months of renovations, new house of 96 m2 is finally completed. It doesn't matter where it's installed. There is no specific style of decoration and it is not great. In principle, we can say that it is a very simple design. Anyway, I pretend that I live for myself, I like it, and my family is good to live comfortably, what do you think?

The entire wall is painted khaki. This color is warm in a room with warm lighting. Here you feel at home.

The wood look tile on floor is very bright and dirt-repellent, texture of wood does not look as cold as tile, and effect is good. The dining table and chairs are made from dark wood, and kitchen door is also a glass sliding door with a black wood frame, allowing natural light in kitchen to enter the room as much as possible.

Kitchen cabinets are made of new materials. Crystal steel door panels are heat-resistant and wear-resistant, easy to clean, and most importantly, environmentally friendly materials. White color also makes kitchen simple and elegant.

The living room has a balcony. The wall with TV does not have a great shape. It's just a khaki wall with a TV stand and flower display. She is beautiful and practical. The bright yellow sofa and pedals are illuminated. a dark house with bright colors, atmosphere is immediately lively.

The master bedroom has a large bay window, and walls match living room. The furniture is complete, except for wardrobe door, bed, coffee table, TV cabinet, dining table and chairs, everything is made of black walnut.

The study is a large combined cabinet with tatami mats, all tables are extended, and bed is also equipped with a lifting platform. It is very convenient to drink tea and read books. It will be convenient to convert it into a children's room in future.

The bathroom has a dry and wet layout, walls are lined with gray tiles, and floor of shower area is specially covered with small square bricks that have an anti-slip effect.

The balcony is a multifunctional space: it is completely covered with wood-like tiles, on one side there is a flower stand, and on other - a place for washing and drying.

The view is pretty good. Clothes are dried here, as well as a set of tables and chairs for relaxation. This is a good place to cool off. I decorate house myself, don't be surprised what people think, it's better to like it yourself!

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