Buy a small 32㎡ duplex as a wedding suite and pretend to have two bedrooms and two halls to make all your friends jealous!

It is said that a duplex building can use a large area, but there is no money to buy a large house, so a small duplex of 32 square meters was bought as a wedding hall. two bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms can be easily built!

The shoe cabinet and sideboard at entrance are shared, and a small European-style square dining table can also be very warm and romantic in a world of two.

The site is paved with antique tiles. Downstairs living room, dining room, bathroom and kitchen. The house does not have a balcony, but there is a seating area with tatami mats by full-wall window. There are no closets, stairwell upstairs is fully utilized, and well-placed storage racks can also be used as photo booths.

A small coffee table and a dining table are made in European style. The sofa is very soft and small. It's just a black leather sofa for two. It is simple and elegant and small living room is very stylish. .

It's a stairwell upstairs, with various built-in niches, small crafts, and online-bought dolls that not only serve as storage but also decorate TV wall.

A small space above living room on top floor is also a seating area. There are no decorations or anything else here. At moment I want to put up desks and bookcases as a small office. In future, if there are children, this place can be circled and used as a children's play area.

There are two rooms upstairs, one of which is a walk-in closet with two sets of wardrobes reaching up to top, a custom-made tatami bed in corner, and a storage area downstairs where seasonal blankets can be placed. Also in future it will be converted into a children's room. It is very convenient, as long as it can be used as a temporary room for guests.

This is a tatami bed. The underside is an open cellar-style storage, while outside is a large chest. There is a wall cabinet in background next to bed. Storage is very satisfactory.

The walls of master bedroom are covered with wallpaper and decorated with plaster decorative lines.

The wardrobe in bedroom is free, there is a small balcony for washing and drying, it is separated by a glass sliding door and covered with multi-colored tiles, beautiful and practical.

​The bathroom is overall blue and refreshing. Mirrors and cabinets in bathroom are made in European style. The shower area is crowded on an area of ​​​​three square meters. choice for small apartments.

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