Construction of a new house with an area of ​​129 sq. m in Cousin City was completed, and dining and living rooms were actually equipped with tile wall panels!

My cousin bought a new house in city. The area of ​​the house is relatively large, with a total area of ​​129 square meters. The decoration was completed last month and furniture is ready. Simple style Looks very grand. What is more surprising is living and dining area. Wall panels are made of tiles. Is this to keep little nephew from acting like a child?

This is a large living room with a very large balcony. The community environment is also good. The large balcony offers good views and interior is bright, making space feel larger. The walls of living room are all covered with ceramic tiles in form of clapboard, it must be said that it is much easier to care for it, if it gets dirty, just wipe it off.

The dining room is located in same space as living room, and design is also unified. The walls are also covered with ceramic tiles. The floor and living room are combined into a single whole. And rich.

The passageway is also lined with waves, and golden beautiful seams are specially made. All doors are finished with solid dark wood doors. My cousin is planning to order new Chinese-style furniture. The furniture will definitely be more cool in the future..

Although kitchen door is a dark wood color sliding door, it is actually made of alloy and material can be same as wood, it is really beautiful and much stronger. The cabinets are also custom made, with plenty of storage space so you don't have to worry about future kitchen clutter. The space left at back is for refrigerator.

The master bedroom has a large corner bay window and flooring is same as living room with tiles all over floor which are relatively reflective so overall very light. The bedroom should be bright. to be more comfortable, right?

The second bedroom is for a little nephew. The basic decoration is same as in master bedroom. It depends on how pretty bed and upholstered furniture will be in the later period. Cousin is still very good at cleaning little nephew's clothes. The room is of course not bad either.

The tiles in Sandom are made of pebbles. The shower room is separated by a glass sliding door. Black tiles inside, pasted up to waist line. The top surface is light. The combination of shades is classic, like black. and white The more you look at it, more attractive.

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