Show off a hardcore decor just completed and this is first time tile paintings have been used as decorative walls!

The decoration of new house has just been completed, whole house is covered with wallpaper, wall under TV is even more decorated with imported stone, and sides are also decorated with diamond-shaped tea mirrors, which is elegant and grand. In particular, background wall of restaurant is decorated with 3D paintings, which I see for first time. The furniture comes in one by one, and I'll show you pictures of scene.

This entryway has just finished a hard finish and has not yet been furnished, all surrounding walls are covered with bright wallpaper.

The living room also has a chic ceiling, I really like overall effect of European style, floor is lined with glass-ceramic tiles, very bright and wear-resistant.

The background wall of restaurant is a single piece of artistic tiles, and image of peony flowers makes atmosphere of this restaurant very homely and warm.

The floor of second bedroom is laid out with laminate, and walls are also covered with same wallpaper as in living room. The entire bedroom is very elegant.

The children's room is made entirely of tatami: bed, wardrobe, desk and bookcase are integrated, which saves space.

The space of master bedroom is similar to space of second bedroom, except that there is also a built-in wardrobe with a TV, which increases useful area of ​​​​the room and makes it more practical.

After living room furniture is arranged, it is an imported marble TV background wall, two sides of which are also decorated with diamond-shaped tea mirrors.

This is effect of placing dining tables and chairs in a dining room. They are all white and simple European style art tile background wall + built-in sideboard design. To set up such a background wall.

A sliding door next to dining room is kitchen, and overall cabinets are also custom-made, same color as sideboards and entrance cabinets.

​The bathroom uses a shower curtain to separate dry from wet. When shower curtain is open, overall space is still large. It is more convenient to store several buckets or basins, and shower is not afraid of splashing water. . Such a European-style house is still very beautiful, don't you think?

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The decoration of new house has just been completed, whole house is covered with wallpaper, wall under TV is even more decorated with imported stone, and sides are also decorated with diamond-shaped tea mirrors, which is elegant a...
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