It takes 80,000 yuan to cover all inclusive and 88㎡ simple finishes. Is it possible to spend more money on soft finishes?

The savings accumulated over several years is only enough for a down payment on an 88 sq.m house in suburbs. They say prices in decor market have risen sharply and water is deep. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to make it beautiful and luxurious, but when it comes to me, it's still a simple decoration, having spent 80,000 yuan. You should spend more money on a soft decoration later to see if you can fix some effects!

The type of house is quite ordinary, there is a recess for a shoe cabinet in entrance, and a built-in shoe cabinet saves space, and it is much neater in aisle.

This is interior of house. I didn't make any complicated shapes, just made ceiling in shape of back. The height of high-rise room is very low. I feel that if there is no air conditioning system - an air conditioner socket, I definitely won’t do ceiling. It looks so depressing.

A small balcony is also used to maximum. On one hand, there is a sink and a wall cabinet for storing things, and on the other, a washing machine, where washing and drying takes place. The residential balcony is very practical.

The kitchen door is equipped with a glass sliding door, and light is not bad, but house is a little small, so if lights can be integrated with each other, space will be more spacious. The black door frame is still a plus, and it looks cool.

The master bedroom has a built-in wardrobe on one side, and installation of sliding doors saves space, which does not take up much space and has effect of being invisible.

Outside master bedroom is a communal roof that was not made during renovations, but should still have storage space for sundries.

The second bedroom is nursery and closet is much smaller, room itself is not big and closet is still connected to bookcase.

The bathroom window is also connected to outside window. The space inside is a bit tight and a small shower room is installed to achieve effect of separating dry and wet. This layout really compliments me. work hard and spend some money to see if you can achieve a warm effect online.

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