The sofa wall is decorated with cultural stone, and TV is installed in a niche, effect is really beautiful!

Most people have trouble using space in their home decor. If they can take care of one side, they are afraid they won't be able to take care of other side. The TV set is set in an alcove which really has a natural literary atmosphere in deep village streets.

There is no shoe and hat cabinet at top of entrance, wall is painted green, and a row of lower cabinets has been set up as a shoe bench. Such a simple decoration, effect is twice as much as result with half effort.

The living area is connected to entrance. The background wall of sofa is decorated with gray blue stone slabs of cultural stone in dark and light colors.

You can see it more clearly from here. This is a simple stone decoration with dark and light colors. The stone path in alley and brick wall are very artistic.

The TV wall is not profiled, but an original wooden TV cabinet is installed, and the TV is even dug out of a niche and placed right in it. Everything is clean and tidy.

The living room is connected to balcony with glass sliding doors, good natural light, interior is also very bright.

Simple dining table and chairs in a restaurant, a sideboard is built along TV wall, a combination of symmetrical storage cabinet magazines and white cabinet doors, utilization rate is high and it looks good.

The kitchen is also a built-in corner cabinet, and countertop is a stone countertop with original wood texture, which looks fresh and natural.

The master bedroom is quite large, decorated in black, white and gray, with log-colored wardrobes and beds, creating a comfortable space for the bedroom.

In second bedroom, bay window is expanded, and a desk is also built in. The study and bedroom are concentrated in one space.

The space of children's room is similar to a suite, it has not only a dressing room, but also a games room with a barn door.

Look, space outside barn door is still very spacious, right? A wall shelf is installed on wall, and all kinds of toys can be classified and stored.

The bathroom uses a shower curtain to separate dry and wet, and shower and bath are combined, which is much more convenient to use.

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Most people have trouble using space in their home decor. If they can take care of one side, they are afraid they won't be able to take care of other side. The TV set is set in an alcove which really has a natural literary atmosph...
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