The total cost of hard finish + soft finish of new home is 120,000 and one-bedroom apartment of 89 sq. m is comparable to a typical room!

The new house was in air for almost three months, upholstered furniture was slowly being completed, and move began. The 89 square meters two-bedroom house is built in retro American style. Soft finish + hard finish cost 120,000 yuan. I think it's very profitable, especially my friends even praised it as a model room, and storage is also powerful. Such a beautiful and practical home satisfies needs of another family. All fantasies!

Despite fact that entrance is narrow, there are a lot of cabinets for shoes and hats. The white lacquered cabinet doors look stylish, and bottom is left empty for slippers, which is very practical!

The ceiling in living room is made shallow, and lower surface is made of matte antique tiles. Sofas - All sofas in blue retro fabric with American style scuffs. The adjoining balcony only uses passage, and arched shape is very beautiful.

The entire wall is covered in goose yellow latex paint, and background wall of TV is decorated with white cultural bricks, which looks simple and artistic.

The dining table, chairs and sofa in living room are very harmonious and unified in tone. The old blue retro American dining table and chairs, background wall of dining room is shaped like a fireplace, and all handicrafts are purchased. for a long time.

The kitchen area is small, and straight white corner cabinets are installed, lower cabinets are full-fledged, and there are more designs with drawers, which is much more convenient for storage.

America-style four-poster bed purchased directly from master bedroom, with a soft bag, solid wood headboard and a simple background wall with floral wallpaper, elegant and elegant, very comfortable.

The baby bed in second bedroom hasn't arrived yet. Polka dot wallpaper on the wall, which is more suitable for pairing with a princess bed and soft fabrics that children love.

The bathroom is right in style of American Mediterranean, tiles are all blue, and method of paving floor is splicing, which is especially beautiful in shape. This dry and wet separation design does not take up much space and is more convenient to use.

​The house has a single small balcony with an installed lifting drying cabinet, and a washing machine can also be placed here. There is not enough space, you can put potted plants. It's still a bit cramped for creating beautiful leisure space, which is very good!

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