During renovation, a relaxation room with tatami was created on balcony, and neighbors came to study on it after reading it!

The 93 sqm multi-storey new home began construction immediately upon receipt of key and was completed in two months, becoming first completed batch of finishes in community. It attracted many neighbors to visit and learn about decoration experience. The design of balcony is most popular. The overall design is a tatami rest room with double functions of storage and bed. No wonder they all came to learn from him.

The design of shoe cabinet on porch is very realistic. The top-down style allows you to make most of space. The lower shoe cabinet is also equipped with louvered doors for ventilation. This is exactly the effect we want. .

After entering the door, there is a dining area. The faux wood dining table and chairs are also very heavy.

If you look at living area from dining room, then initially there was a small balcony, but balcony was turned into a tatami, area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe walls was not bypassed, partitions were installed, making general leisure and comfort, and it can also support storage of entire living room.

The living room is a beige fabric sofa. The wall with TV does not have particularly complex shapes. It is simply decorated with drywall and light yellow plain wallpaper, which looks fresh and elegant. We need a simple and atmospheric style. .

The kitchen is small and sliding doors installed don't take up much space and can trap oil fumes. White high-end plastic-absorbing cabinets look better, but they're not stain-resistant and need to be taken care of later.

The master bedroom has a large window overlooking sun. Wardrobe made in entire wall. The background of bedside table looks like a wall with a TV. The wall type bedside lamp does not take up storage space of bedside table. which is very practical.

The second bedroom is a nursery, pink dress looks like a princess, and there is also a balcony that is used as a living balcony.

Despite fact that bathroom is small, glass doors are also installed to separate dry and humid air. Well-chosen floor tiles. The gray tone is beautiful and simple. Take care!

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