102㎡ house in pink and Scandinavian style, combined design of veranda and restaurant is really beautiful!

The design of new house began even before they received keys. From design to finishes and furniture, it was all done by owner. A small house of 102 m² with three bedrooms was decorated in pink and warm Scandinavian style. The entrance and restaurant have been designed in created space, design of corner stand of restaurant is really beautiful.

The hallway shoe and hat closet is designed as an L-shaped open top cabinet. The upper and lower cabinets are designed with large storage space. Full cabinets.

The design of porch wardrobe really saves space, even a triangular zone in corner is used. The dining room and hallway are all together, and extension just makes corner arcuate cubicle, and it is also connected to shelf through top, which does not affect lighting, and there is storage space, which is practical and beautiful.

Although overall tone is white, chairs at dining table are also pink leather, and cushions in cabins are also light pink. The light from living room can penetrate naturally. This is a very beautiful space.

The living room is relatively narrow and fresh air system is installed at top in middle. With this top surface, partition between dining room and living room is an open top cabinet, an independent space that integrates with each other without affecting each other.

The walls of kitchen have wood-look tiles, while cabinets are white cabinetry overall, which is sleek, natural, fresh, and elegant.

The master bedroom is small in size, with a small balcony, backdrop of headboard is painted pea green, a large European-style bed and transparent lighting, this bedroom looks a bit luxurious.

Glass windows are installed on three sides of balcony, white gas curtains are installed, and tables and chairs for relaxing are arranged to create a beautiful vacation home.

The second bedroom consists of combined wardrobes with tatami. The bed and wardrobes are fully stocked and there is storage space downstairs. The color combination is very beautiful.

The children's room is a combination of white and pink. This kind of pink and delicate Nordic is used in children's room to fullest, very cute and lively.

The shower area of ​​the bathroom is separated by a glass partition door to create effect of separating wet and dry. The combination of beige tiles and white bathroom is fresh and elegant, stylish and warm!

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