Mix and match high quality Nordic style, storage function is same area as street!

For first time I see a beautiful and practical home decoration that can be considered one of best. The house is small, only two bedrooms of 92 sq.m and a lot of matcha. green is used to create a mix of Scandinavian and American styles. Even aisles have a lot of closets, and storage function can really surpass same area!

The entrance is a long and narrow passage, and shoe cabinet is designed to be built in. The overall look is much neater, and full-length mirror is tilted.

The input is still input. In terms of door entry, shoe cabinet has a white door log cabinet, which is fresh and natural and looks more stylish at first glance.

The ceiling has no special shape, just an American style ceiling, top surface is specially inlaid with plaster lines, and living room space looks much more spacious. The TV wall has no shape, it is placed directly on TV cabinet, which is simple and has a fresh temperament.

You could say that back wall of sofa is biggest storage space in whole house. The two sides of main sofa are built with storage cabinets from top to bottom. The background of sofa is matcha green diatom mud. The pass effect is really good.

The background wall of this sofa extends to dining room and is also connected to sideboard. The dining room is directly built into deck, full of literature and art.

Not only does overall effect look comfortable, but even a single area is still beautiful and practical. The dining table in restaurant has same color tone as cabinet as a whole. They are all lacquered logs. The cardstock seat design and cork board photo wall on back wall transform this restaurant into a small writing cabinet in seconds.

The master bedroom is mainly done in light colors, and furniture is also made of logs, which blend harmoniously with general furniture. The background color of bed is very unexpected, it is this color that makes whole bedroom more comfortable and calm.

The design of cabinet in aisle leading to kitchen is comparable to a wardrobe: cabinets on both sides have reached top.

Kitchen cabinets are same as all cabinets, with white door panels and matte rectangular tiles on walls, tiles are also cut and laid in one piece for a more fashionable effect.

There is a built-in wardrobe on one side of balcony, and on other side there is a washing machine and a laundry closet where washing and drying takes place, and you can also store some seasonal casual clothes.

The bathroom is separated from wet and dry by a shower curtain. Wall and floor tiles are well matched in color. Gray tiles and pitted tiles in general look very trendy.

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For first time I see a beautiful and practical home decoration that can be considered one of best. The house is small, only two bedrooms of 92 sq.m and a lot of matcha. green is used to create a mix of Scandinavian and American st...
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