Squeeze out 3 square meters to build a tatami and there are practice rooms and kiosk restaurants!

The number of houses was chosen by lottery relatively late, and type of apartment is not very good either. I really want to have an office for a three-room apartment of 89 square meters. In end, it was most The idea of ​​the designer to build a short space in corner of living room to squeeze 3 square meters from dining area The wall is built with tatami mats inside and outer wall is back wall of restaurant booth The cabinet and restaurant are all in place, which is really great!

This is a living room space, wall with TV is decorated with thick film, and tones of map convey a warm atmosphere. The sofa is not placed against wall, and sliding door next to it is open only on one side, and the kitchen is inside.

Behind the sofa is a wardrobe for shoes and hats. The layout can still be used for reference. Looking only at this living room, you will not feel that its area is only 89 square meters.

On one side of living room there is a dining room and an office. Cabins and tatami are built in a small space. The plan of an office + a cabin is only 3 sq.

A dining table and chairs take up an aisle position, and behind it is a living area that does not interfere with entry and exit of home life. On back of card seat is an extruded small practice room that has been converted into a tatami mat and can also be used as a temporary guest room.

The kitchen is made of white solid cabinets, built-in stoves are more popular and more environmentally friendly and energy saving. The wall cabinet area on far side is also afraid to take up space for nothing, so it is installed with partition partitions.

The master bedroom has a bay window, and overall room is relatively simple, unadorned, warm and inviting.

The second bedroom is nursery, and light from balcony is better for child's learning and growth.

The balcony is a square space, there are flowers and plants, swings and hanging chairs, there is also a laundry and drying room, this unique balcony is very functional.

The gray and beige tiles in bathroom blend very neatly with white bathroom. A separate shower is built in to create a dry and wet layout, making this bathroom both comfortable and stylish.

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The number of houses was chosen by lottery relatively late, and type of apartment is not very good either. I really want to have an office for a three-room apartment of 89 square meters. In end, it was most The idea of ​​the desig...
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