Visiting my girlfriend's new home, creative sofa wall is very beautiful, and cost is only 300 yuan!

My best friend's new home is a 105 m2 two-bedroom home decorated in a fresh American style based on white tones. Although house is beautiful, hard finish only costs more than 70,000 yuan. The wall of sofa is too original, and only costs 300 yuan, it's worth it!

The upper and lower shoe racks are built at entrance, and background of tabletop in middle is still covered with gray patterned tiles, which is very textured.

The living room is a bit spacious, since there is a central air conditioner, it would be ugly without a stretch ceiling, it is simply decorated with plaster decorative lines, which is not so monotonous and creates a feeling of atmosphere.

The living room has a balcony, glass sliding doors and blue and yellow curtains - standard configuration of American style, fresh, stylish and casual.

The wall with sofa is same as wall with TV. There is no special decor. It is simply decorated with plaster lines based on wall. It costs less than 300 yuan to buy 6 special plates that are really creative. .

The restaurant has a round dining table and chairs, green seats create an idyllic feeling of relaxation, and a bouquet of dancing orchids completes atmosphere of entire restaurant.

White oversized cabinets in the kitchen are paired with beige stone countertops, a small U-shaped design, and storage space is also filled.

The master bedroom is painted a light blue and furnished with vintage American style furniture, there is no extra heavy color cast, and overall simplicity and elegance make this room very cozy.

The children's room is relatively small, with a small balcony that could be considered another break room if not connected, and the pink tones are overall cute.

The space in bathroom is very well used. Initially, it was a space with many corners. When assembling bathroom cabinet, it was located right at top. There is also an open niche on edge, which can also store some toiletries, which is very practical. !

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My best friend's new home is a 105 m2 two-bedroom home decorated in a fresh American style based on white tones. Although house is beautiful, hard finish only costs more than 70,000 yuan. The wall of sofa is too original, and only...
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