Four white floors can also be beautiful, light decorations and heavy decorations, this is called saving house with furniture!

It is said that simplicity is also a kind of beauty, so why not use it in decorating your home? Take a look at this 135㎡ three-bedroom log house. It becomes a rough house after furniture is placed throughout the house. Open floor plan + large floor-to-ceiling windows can maximize light. This is probably what people say a set of furniture can do. Save home beauty!

This is entire living room and dining room. The wall between two areas is open, and even balcony is open, leaving a large floor-to-ceiling window, plus a log floor and log furniture that is open and atmospheric, and room smells like a log.

There is no sofa wall, sofa is not attached to wall, there is no stretch ceiling in room, wonderful.

The TV wall and porch pedestal are connected together, whole space is empty and has no shape, and on one side, there is also a top-down lattice showcase in same wood color, which can be stored and has a beautiful effect. The dining table and chairs are also in usual log style, and sideboards along entire wall can be stored. I really don’t know whether to say that living room is spacious, or dining room is spacious.

The kitchen is an L-shaped corner cabinet. Space is small and it satisfies basic needs well. The log cabinet door looks fresh.

A circle of plaster lines has been ingeniously used on roof of master bedroom to create effect of a false ceiling, and lower part is painted beige, which makes bedroom more comfortable and natural.

Like master bedroom, there is no intricate decorative form here, but wall is painted with pink latex paint to make this children's room lively and playful.

The study and living room are decorated in same way: they are all log cabinets, tables and chairs, and a fabric sofa is placed behind them for relaxation. What is more interesting, curtains are made of wooden roller blinds, logs are fragrant, and the light can be adjusted at any time.

The bathroom is equipped with a glass sliding door, which has effect of separating dry and wet in general. The bathroom log cabinet is designed as a hanging type, which is more thoroughly waterproof and moisture-proof. No need to worry about water and dirt under cabinet, and you can clean it at any time.Very convenient.

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It is said that simplicity is also a kind of beauty, so why not use it in decorating your home? Take a look at this 135㎡ three-bedroom log house. It becomes a rough house after furniture is placed throughout the house. Open floor ...
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