This 122-meter luxurious new Chinese style is different from others, and all restaurants are in old Shanghai style!

Most of new Chinese-style home decorations I've seen evoke a sense of dignity and seriousness. It seems that families with fathers and grandparents are choosing new Chinese style. Today, this new Chinese style can make your eyes shine. The area of ​​122 square meters is just right for a home. It is not a luxury that can be divided by age. It can be operated by all ages. The restaurant is similar to atmosphere of wealthy old Shanghai.

Many colors used, all of which are retro tones. They don't look messy when paired with each other, but it's a trendy and modern look that I love. The floor of living room is paved with antique blue stone tiles, mahogany furniture is combined with a beige fabric sofa, and walls are painted in bright red. think and it is very beautiful to wear.

The TV wall is decorated with wallpaper of flowers and birds + white wall panels for a mural effect. The three elements are combined. With a solid wood TV cabinet, entire space is luxurious and luxurious, but it isn't. ostentatious.

A new wall between living room and dining room with a round window in middle. The background wall and wall with sofa are connected by bright red walls, and floor lamps are made in form of birdcages. Is there any artistic concept of flowers in front of moon and under the moon?

Looking into living room from side of restaurant, there is a kind of flourishing atmosphere of old Shanghai. The wall not only separates two spaces, but also allows them to merge together, harmoniously and naturally. a song in such a space, indeed, the background does not even need to be rearranged.

Dining table directly from thick wood, all from pure solid wood.After sanding, varnished.

At end of day, kitchen is not place to receive guests. It should only be practical and accurate. It is closed, with glass doors, gray tiles and log cabinets, clean and spacious.

Overall, master bedroom is very simple, without luxurious feel of ceiling, mahogany floor, solid wood furniture, pockmarked background wall, overall elegant and comfortable, just feeling you want.

Chinese elements have also been added to interior of bathroom. The tile is made straight from old and tied to wall. It looks like a floor, and tile is waterproof and durable, which is beautiful.

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