You've never seen a 135 square meter four bedroom American country style TV wall!

135 m2 four bedroom apartment with three generations living under one roof, overall decoration is American country style, suitable for all age groups, bar counter, tatami, all American elements you can think of are completed, satisfying all your home fantasies, especially TV wall, you probably haven't seen it before!

There is a window at entrance which is a small entrance garden. There is also a small shoe cabinet under table by window, a dressing stool to the left, a clothes hanger, and upper and lower dressing rooms. The tile is all antique tile mosaic, very amazing.

There is also an end platform on side of passage leading from entrance. The background is painted in blue tones, which creates a feeling of freshness and high class.

This area is divided into four bedrooms, and living area is not too large. The American-style furniture is a bit compact, and balcony is directly connected to relaxation balcony. The space looks much more spacious. The TV wall as a whole is designed as a streamlined cabinet, and interior is made of green striped wood paneling, bringing a fresh rustic and American vibe.

From living room is kitchen. The opening of open kitchen in form of a petal is very beautiful. A small partition at door is an emotional bar counter, stylish and elegant.

The restaurant is located on side of bar, background wall is a matte plasterboard frame, painted blue inside, and multi-colored plates are set as a background, which is very creative.

The master bedroom is a large American style bed with a tatami bay window which is very casual and comfortable as a sofa. Such a space is not only in American style, but also in retro style. .

The second bedroom is parents' room, decorated in light colors, and older people like lighter space.

Children's room is made of tatami beds and cabinets are joined together. The desk and bookcase are purchased separately for kids, leaving plenty of room for floor mats. This is a playroom.

The office is very small. You can say that this is an office, but in fact it can be called a wardrobe.

Bathroom inside and out. The sink is designed from outside. The bathroom inside is very spacious. It is a double seat and squat design. It is much cleaner and more comfortable for family members or guests.

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