It costs 130,000 to hire a friend to decorate a 92 sq.m. house. Is the effect worth it?

The new house is just a small two-bedroom house with a built-up area of ​​92 square meters. I have no experience with decorating a house for first time, so I asked a friend of my parents to do it. The hard decoration cost 130,000 yuan to make it in Scandinavian style. It's about 200,000 yuan. A few friends said it looks good and could cost more. Is it worth it?

The porch cabinet has a table top for storage in middle, and bottom is left empty where you can put some house shoes, and it's more convenient to change them.

All walls are painted grey. The background wall of dining room is decorated with white cultural stone, as is wall of living room. The dining area is a simple log dining table and chairs.

The wall of sofa is painted entirely in azure blue, which gives it feeling of a starry sky at night. White fabric sofa is combined with bright pillows. The living room is not only elegant and peaceful, but also has a layered sense of color.

The TV wall is finished in same white cultural stone as background wall of restaurant. There is no special ceiling, but there is a plasterboard partition for spotlights. There is no main light in room, only spotlights and ceiling lights.Create natural light and visual expansion effects.

The walls and floors of kitchen are tiled in gray, which is also a characteristic element of Scandinavian style. Although overall log cabinet is small, it is also a stylish kitchen in a modern style.

The design of master bedroom is basically same as wall with sofa. A wall against a blue background, hanging Scandinavian-style paintings and log-style furniture. I like this hanging bedside lamp most. t takes place and is very nice beautiful.

The second bedroom is entirely tatami and bed, desk, bookcase and wardrobe are fully stocked. The storage space in small space is also largest in whole house. Now it is used only as an office. If you have children in future, it will do. As a children's room.

The bathroom is divided into wet and dry into three sections, and washbasin is located right at aisle, without taking up space inside bathroom. The square sink with countertop is well matched and its appearance is also high.

The bathroom is equipped with a glass partition, and wall and floor tiles are same as bathroom, which is made of cement gray tiles, neat and habitable. Such an elaborate decoration costs 130,000 yuan, do you think it's worth it?

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