The husband insisted on turning hallway into a dining room in order to create a separate office.

The new house is only 89㎡ and it's only two bedrooms, but my husband always wants to squeeze out a separate office to play games and relax, so he can only work on decorating. The lobby is quite spacious and it has been directly converted into a deck style dining room. The living room has been scaled down and balcony is finally vacated and a glass sliding door has been installed to create a private office!

This is input group. Initially, entrance cabinets could be built on both sides, leaving a wide side for installation of L-shaped cabins. A fashionable and emotional cab-restaurant turned out great. When you enter door, there is an amazing feeling. Effect.

Entering from side of entrance, restaurant area was originally between living room and entrance, very spacious, after renovation, place against wall became a small bar. The TV wall is made of drywall in form of an arch, wallpaper is glued inside with flowers, a corner sofa with stripes, overall look is very American.

This is a balcony. The entire wall is painted sky blue, and only a set of tables and cabinets are installed. Such a small space has also become an independent small office, which does not affect placement of flowers and plants in any way. The wood effect tiles on floor also have retro style and good looking.

The entrance to aisle is arched and side wall removed to make a built-in wardrobe and there is more storage space. From here entrance to two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen.

Light alloy doors lead to kitchen. Most people opt for white American style home décor wardrobes, which are more versatile and overall look neat and refreshing.

The master bedroom is designed mainly for comfort. There is no false ceiling, but spiral plaster is used around it. The wall below is painted in a light milk tea color, which creates visual effect of a false ceiling, fresh and atmospheric. .

The second bedroom is nursery. The corners of walls are decorated with plaster moldings, and whole is painted in colors of lake green, pink and blue-green, which makes this room filled with a childish and cute temperament.

​The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and small square bricks in gradient blue are specially chosen to give whole American-style house a certain Mediterranean freshness, which is really convenient!

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