Follow fashion and decorate house in MUJI style, but friends make fun of it as a rented house!

Ever since I saw MUJI style house online, it's comfortable and natural, with a modern feel, and it also has a very fresh Japanese-style log scent, and I've fallen in love with it ever since. New house with an area of ​​83 sq. m was also decorated in this comfortable style. The finished effect is very much in line with my preferences, but my friends laughed at it like it was a rented house!

A wall-to-wall closet in hallway, and a small bar counter on right half of wall, as well as a simple log dining table and chairs. When you enter door, you will feel simple and generous.

It is estimated that many young friends like dining table and chairs in restaurant. This is a very popular style, log style, with chairs on one side and wooden seats on the other, very artistic.

The dining room looks like a living room. The floor is covered with a massive wooden floor without false ceiling. MUJI style fabric sofa which looks like a bean bag sofa, very stylish, gives people a sense of laziness and leisure.

Now it is not customary to install overhead lamps in living room, these are all kinds of diffused light sources that create lazy and comfortable comfort, and allow a person to unconsciously relax when he enters room.

There is no TV wall, all solid wood lattice storage cabinets, even the TV cabinets are full of drawers, it is very convenient to store various items by category.

The kitchen is very small, narrow space, still U-shaped log cabinets, with plenty of storage space, and small kitchen is also very tidy and clean.

There is no main light source in master bedroom, so there is a hanging table lamp on one side that creates warmth and romance and helps you fall asleep.

The second bedroom is decorated with tatami. MUJI style is always indispensable for tatami rooms. Japanese-style lattice sliding doors provide good storage and a strong sense of relaxation.

The bathroom is designed with dry and wet separation, and vanity in bathroom is made of logs. Even if dry and wet separation is done inside, it is afraid of moisture, so it is simply placed outside bathroom, which is much easier to maintain. Obviously a very fashionable design, why is it a rental house in their eyes?

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Ever since I saw MUJI style house online, it's comfortable and natural, with a modern feel, and it also has a very fresh Japanese-style log scent, and I've fallen in love with it ever since. New house with an area of ​​83 sq. m wa...
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