Cousin Sunbai built a 90 square meter wedding hall, not only with three rooms, but also with a wardrobe!

My cousin's wedding room has just been renovated. The house is very small. When I went to visit, it seemed to me that it was a little cramped. However, a house with a built-up area of ​​only 90 square meters is actually less than 70 square meters. There are three rooms. There is also a separate dressing room in the bedroom, everyone should study and study!

The front door is also made to extrude shoe cabinet, wall without shoe cabinet protrudes, but passage still passes, effect is not bad.

The kitchen and dining area are made open, with no wall restrictions, cabinets, which can only be L-shaped, are made U-shaped, which is much more open.

The dining area is next to operating table, which is relatively narrow and can be folded away when not in use.

Next to dining room is living room. The living room is also small, but very fashionable and sophisticated. A small three-seat fabric sofa with milk tea walls is very warm.

Even though TV wall is relatively narrow, simple drywall shape looks quite impressive.

This is second bedroom, in future it is planned to be a nursery, and now it is a guest bedroom.

The area of ​​the master bedroom is also limited, and light from small window is not bad.

The air conditioner has not been installed yet, in future I plan to install a small TV, it is convenient to watch TV on bed.

Opposite master bedroom is a dressing room without a door, and to left is a bathroom with a shower.

The last one is an office, very narrow, only about 4 square meters, with a sofa on one side and a desk and bookcase on other.

Writing desks and bookcases are connected together. Although it is relatively simple, it is sufficient.

​The guest bathroom has a long space that is simply converted into a dry and wet layout. Everything is very compact, and almost every space is miniature, but radiates a feeling of happiness and warmth. Have you found inspiration for small families?

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My cousin's wedding room has just been renovated. The house is very small. When I went to visit, it seemed to me that it was a little cramped. However, a house with a built-up area of ​​only 90 square meters is actually less than ...
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