Decorating a 43㎡ duplex is better than a model room, and the neighbors have a lot to learn!

The house is a duplex, on ground floor there are only 43 square meters. It is said to be a duplex and there is no building, but height of floor is only 4 meters. Couples after 90s have their own set of decor suggestions. After discussion with designer, visualization will be ready immediately. Once installed, this will not only be enough for storage for 5 or 6 years, but also effect is that several blocks of typical houses are sold in building and neighbors want to learn from him after seeing him!

There is a closet for shoes and hats next to front door, there is a video intercom in middle, and some useful items can be placed on tabletop. The dining room is made under bar counter, and living room is also separated by a wooden fence, and Feng Shui is also very good.

The restaurant and kitchen are interconnected, and bar-style restaurant also becomes a partition between kitchen and entrance. The open kitchen has U-shaped cabinets, leaving a large workspace in middle where it's not crowded at all.

This side is living room space. A large number of cabinets have been built for partition walls, which save a lot of space and increase a lot of storage space.

This is a tatami room. The entire wall is made up of cupboards with doors and open bookshelves that are well spaced and tasteful.

There is enough space to store just cabinet. The underside of tatami, walls, and side walls are all storage spaces. Even tatami has a lifting platform. This type of cabinet is a multifunctional space.

The wall opposite bookcase is also wooden. There are push-pull surfaces and fixed surfaces. When you want to watch TV, you can pull it out to watch TV.

Pull it aside and you'll find master bedroom. The top floor is an exclusive space for children. It is very safe to climb stairs from here.

The master bedroom has not only a large closet, but also a walk-in closet. Seasonal clothes are placed separately from clothes of current season, so you don't have to worry about not being able to put them down.

This is children's room after going upstairs. The entire ground floor, sleeping and play areas are here, so don't worry about small size.

Specialized storage areas for toys and clothes allow children to develop a habit of orderly storage from an early age, which is useful for further learning and habit formation. Such a decoration not only makes life easier for adults, but even children like this house very much, as if their own house is a playground, so happy!

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