Showcasing new house I just moved into, my favorite is dance room, separated from main bedroom!

The new home is only 96 square meters and two-bedroom layout cannot meet requirements of a dance studio. The renovation, downsizing of living room, enlargement of master bedroom and renovation cost 110,000 yuan. Separate an independent dance studio from master bedroom. Not to mention a wish granted, overall American style is also very satisfying, let everyone take a look!

The entryway is very narrow, only one door wide, and there are built-in upper and lower shoe cabinets. To right is kitchen with glass doors, which is still spacious when the door is open.

The built-in cabinet installed in corner of kitchen is small, but internal structure of cabinet is very convenient for kitchen storage, so it is more practical.

A bespoke restaurant buffet can be used to place red wine in oven. Dining table and chairs are purchased directly in American style. I especially like this solid wood chair with a round back, which has a retro feel and is very emotional.

From dining room is living room, which is smaller than before, so balcony is also open to make it bigger. A simple false ceiling is made, floor is paved with antique tiles, and overall style is warm and elegant.

The beige main sofa is paired with a one-seater sofa and a light blue footstool, and even drawer-shaped coffee table in the center creates a feeling of freshness.

The shape of TV wall is not complicated, but relatively simple. It uses only drywall sheets to make outer frame, and inside is decorated with plaster lines. They are all white, without any other color rendering, simple and elegant.

The original space of master bedroom is still very spacious, with a separate bathroom, you can easily make a dressing room and lighting directly.

This is a dance room, separated from bedroom, which occupies a third of area of ​​the master bedroom. A whole wall of mirrors is installed on wall. It's almost like a gym for dancing and yoga.

​The bathroom from master bedroom was removed, and only one bathroom remained, area is not very large, so a division into dry and wet was made, and washbasin was moved outside bathroom, which is much more convenient to use.

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